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Gold Coast

Gold Coast is located on south east of Queensland, below Brisbane. Its heart is called Surfers Paradise and is one of the most attractive places for tourist from all around the world. Gold Coast begins at Albert River and ends around NSW/QLD border. Gold Coast City stretches from Yatala and Russell Island to New South Wales border. Gold Coast is known for its major film productions. 75% of all Queensland movies were produced in Gold Coast. It is also third largest film production in Australia, just behind Sydney and Melbourne. There are even Warner Bros studios just outside the city.


The city is known for its tourist attractions. One of the biggest is its climate – very tourist friendly, with temperatures never under 20 degrees celsius and the sun shining for most of the year. That allows people to spend their time on variety of local beaches. The city is full of them. This is a real magnet for tourists, as are the theme parks. The most well known is Sea World – full of marine life. It is known for its displays where humans can get close to the dolphins and swim in a pool full of sharks.

Of course it is impossible not to mention Q1 – the highest building in Australia and 20th highest building in the world. It consists of 77 floors and has special viewing point on its 76th floor. It offers 360 degree views of the whole Gold Coast and its beautiful beaches.

There are also many parks with koalas and kangaroos seen almost like in wild. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of them although it is not as huge as Brisbane’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. In Currumbin the main travel mode is mini-train riding around the whole park. Photos with koala or feeding kangaroos are among the main attractions of the sanctuary.