Australian universities and colleges are regarded to be among the top institutions in the world – offering a unique combination of academic and vocational skills.



Global employment marketplace is competitive, evolving and challenging thus recruiting and developing top talent has never been more important.



We are accredited Immigration agents. We provide a practical advice on all aspects of immigration law for clients wanting to immigrate to Australia.

Let our experience guide you

For more than 10 years we’ve helped over 5000 students to find all the courses they wanted while assisting them with visa formalities. Our unique services and our network of trustworthy quality schools that has made us the leading education advisers in Australia.

Career and visa consulting

There are several ways based on which professionals and trades people can apply for permanent visa to Australia. We provide a practical advice on all aspects of immigration law for clients wanting to immigrate to Australia.

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20 years experience providing education and immigration consulting

Customer Service

We understand the needs of our customers and deliver to their expectations


We maintain a healthy balance between our professional and personal lives


We support each other to maximise effectiveness and build long-term partnerships


We are committed to high performance and delivering results

Professional Ethics

We will demonstrate integrity through being fair, honest and confidential

Our Team

Cecilia Dilot

Cecilia, originally from Sweden, has spent the past 5 years in Sydney studying marketing and enjoining the amazing lifestyle Sydney has to offer. Growing up in Stockholm, traveling the world before settling down for work and studies in Australia has given her an enriched life experience. Through her marketing studies and work experience she has developed strong abilities to coach and guide. Studying abroad is something she recommends to everyone, it gives you complete English skills, and better confidence, and allows you to enjoy the time of your life.

Michael Boyd

Michael has more than seven years experience as a General Manager in human resource consulting. Proven experience in delivering domestic and international Talent Management projects, Executive Career Coaching and Mentoring.

In addition, he has 18+ years of commercial experience holding National and Regional roles in Canada and Australia in supply chain, global mobility, sales, QA and HR.

Mariusz Arcimonowicz

Mariusz has a solid experience in managing all aspects of career management and recruiting students for Australian job market. Over the last 17 years he helped thousands of students to launch their careers in Australia and in their country of origin.

With strong networking skills and capabilities creating motivation and empowerment for clients and businesses to reach their full potential. Experienced in building brand strategy for institutional clients in education market.

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