Perth is a capital of Western Australia. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia and it is considered to be a target for young people. It is also the biggest Australian city located on the west coast. The Perth area is one of the most isolated areas on Earth. The nearest city in Australia is Adelaide – located over 2000 km away. Therefore, the most common way to travel between Perth and the rest of Australia is by plane. Perth is actually closer to Singapore than to Sydney.

Perth CBD is full of skyscrapers and interesting buildings. Among young buildings there are also some historical relics. For example, these are Old Mill and Old Court House. The city is full of beaches, parks, restaurants and shopping centres.

There are some interesting things to see outside Perth, like Nambung National Park. It is located within the desert (called The Pinnacles Desert) and mainly consists of unusually shaped rocks. The pinnacles were formed over millions of years and now form some of the most unique shapes on Australian continent. There are many walking paths available inside the park and many rock forms to enjoy.

Western Australia is also known for its gold mines. Here companies like Lihir Gold or Newcrest Mining do a lot of their research and work in order to find more of the noble metal. There are two towns that were especially influenced by the gold rush in the late 19th century – Kalgoorlie and Coolgaride.

For nature lovers there is also another coral reef available. It is called The Nigaloo Reef and is the biggest reef on the west coast. Even though it is much smaller than the Great Barrier Reef, it still gives unforgettable memories and is a great place for divers and snorkelers.

Other attractions include the West Australian Museum, Art Gallery of Western Australia (which are all part of the Perth Cultural Centre), Swan Bells, the Perth Concert Hall and many more.