Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. Its population is over 1 million and it is located on the south coast of Australia. In particular, it is located on the Florey peninsula on St. Vincent´s Bay. It is divided into north and south by the river Torrens.

The city was named after Queen Adelaide and is full of cafés and restaurants. Many of them are on Rundle St where Rundle Mall is located. Many tourists spend hours going around this area and can never get enough of it.

Other attractions in Adelaide CBD include: the Botanical Gardens, the National Wine Centre and the South Australian Museum. The city has been famous for its wineries since mid 19th century. The Barossa Valley and the Clare Valley are the two most famous wineries. Altogether there are around 300 wineries in Adelaide. Also it has its own museum of Aboriginal art. It is called the Tandaya Museum. Most of the museums are open 7 days a week and entry is usually free.

The city is also full of skyscrapers and beautiful views. As with most Australian cities, Adelaide has a large number of beaches – most of them are located in the western and southern parts of the city. Glenelg beach is the most well known. Tourists who enjoy spending their time close to water can try water skiing, wind surfing or kayaking. For those who prefer to stay on land there are many restaurants and cafés close to the beach.

Other tourist attractions in South Australia include Cleland National Park, Adelaide Hills, Chinatown, Adelaide Convention Centre and many more. Also the Royal Adelaide how is organized on a regular basis and runs for 9 days. It is an agricultural show and begins either on the last Friday of August or the first Friday of September.